In English

"There is a sculpture hiding in every tree. I just release it free."

I am Mr Pertti Karhunen from Finland and I have made art from wood since 1989. When I was a little boy, I was interested in drawing and woodwork. When I grew up, I wanted to make sculptures from wood. I was lucky to get guidance from Paavo Tiihonen and Niilo Lehikoinen, how to improve my technique and use equipment. My own style developed during the years.

Woodcarving has drifted me around the world. I have spent months in Europe, mostly in Switcherland and Germany participating in Wood art exhibitions, giving demonstrations in woodcarving and preparing orders.

Most of my artworks presents animals. Nature is close to my heart as well as animals. Animals are honest, innocent, and make us people feel empathy, calmness and good feelings. They bring the nature closer to us people.

A bear is the most common sculpture I have made. It's not, because my last name is in English Bear. The bear is big, strong, mysterious, rarely seen and Finnish national animal. Maybe that's why bear sculptures are so popular. I have made them over 1 000 pieces. So, probably they are best bears in the World.

Wood is challenging, warm and beautiful material. Even if you cut the tree, it keeps living and reforming. Every tree species are different to carve and every log is an individual. Therefore, every sculpture is unique.

My studio is located in Mikkeli. From Arktos Studio, my works have travelled to USA, Japan, Australia, and all over the Europe and of course in Finland.

If You are interested having a piece of my works, please do not hesitate contact me.